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Monitoring of operations and compliance with the agreements of the Shareholders’ Meetings and the Board of Directors shall be entrusted to one or two committees that shall carry out the functions of audit and corporate practices, as well as to the firm performing the external audit.

Corporate Practices Committee (CPC)

The Corporate Practices Committee shall have as a general function to monitor and mitigate risks associated with the celebration of businesses or for the benefit of a particular group of shareholders, subject to authorizations or policies issued by the Board of Directors; supervise compliance with legal provisions and stock market regulations mandatory for the Company.

The Corporate Practices Committee is comprised of the following independent directors:

Corporate Practices Committee (CPC)
Carlos Muriel Gaxiola*
Héctor Olavarría Tapia
Fernando de Ovando Pacheco

* President of the CPC

Audit Committee (AC)

The main role and responsibilities of the Audit Committee shall include monitoring the integrity of the financial information, accounting process and systems, and control and records of the Company and of those entities it controls; supervise the technical capacity, independence and function of the firm that performs the external audit, the efficiency of the company’s internal control and the valuation of financial risks.

The Audit Committee is comprised of the following independent directors:

Audit Committee (AC)
Héctor Olavarría Tapia**
Carlos Muriel Gaxiola
Fernando de Ovando Pacheco

** President of the AC

Executive Committee (EC)

Executive Committee (EC)
Enrique Castillo Sanchez Mejorada
Javier Molinar Horcasitas
Henry Davis Carstens
Gerardo Martin Bello
Arturo Monroy Ballesteros
Rodrigo Lebois Mateos
Ricardo Amtmann


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