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  • 2010 - 2016
  • Maxcom and Organización Soriana enter into a commercial alliance agreement, to jointly develop and operate a Mobile Virtual Network Operator to offer mobile telecommunication services to Soriana’s customers.

    Maxcom shareholders subscribe to a capital increase by $445.8 million pesos in December 2015, in accordance with the resolution adopted at the General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting held on November 9. 2015
  • Maxcom launches an ambitious restructuring program that seeks, among other things, to create an organizational culture focused on the customer, improve its products and services offer, increase capacity and redundancy of the network infrastructure and strengthen sales areas.

    Maxcom integrates a sales force dedicated to serve the government sector, with sales executives who have actively participated in bidding processes for public entities. The purpose of this new direction is to assist institutions in middle and lower layers of the federal government and states and municipalities. 2014
  • The Public Tender Offer (PTO) made by a group of investors advised by Ventura Capital Privado was successfully completed. Maxcom managed to improve its financial structure by increasing its capital and refinancing its debt; allowing the company to have the necessary financial strength to implement its sustainable business plan 2013
  • Familia Maxcom
  • 2000 -2009
  • Maxcom completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Mexico and the United States. In line with the IPO, it launched its quad-play bundle of services, signing a mobile virtual network operator agreement with Pegaso (Telefónica-Movistar, at present) 2007
  • Maxcom launched the first digital broadband service (DSL), as well as the first triple-play service in Mexico 2005
    Familia Maxcom
  • Maxcom’s concession was broadened even more, from local wireline telephone service to nationwide service 2001
  • 1990 -1999
  • Maxcom changed its corporate name from Amaritel to its current name, Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, and started commercial operations. Its wireline telephone concession broadened to local telephone services 1999
  • Maxcom was granted the first competitive local and long-distance wireline telephone concession in Mexico, covering Mexico City and over a hundred cities in the Gulf region, with a term of thirty years 1997
    Telefonia Maxcom
  • Maxcom is founded under the name “Amaritel, S.A. de C.V.” 1996


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