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Series “A” Shares The ordinary, nominative, without par value, series “A” shares, representative of the shareholders’ equity of Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, S.A.B. C.V.
ADRs American Depositary Receipts Level I, representing 7 (seven) CPOs each one, currently traded at the OTC market of NY.
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which supplies bandwidth of up to 8 Mbps for downloading information and up to 1 Mbps for uploads.
ARPU Average Revenue Per Unit of telecommunications services.
Bandwidth The relative range of analog frequencies or digital signals that can be passed through a transmission medium, such as optical fiber, without distortion.
Backbone The main connectivity axis of a telecommunications network, a connection hub for different communication networks located in different cities and countries.
Bill & Keep A liquidation payment procedure for interconnection charges, whereby each telephony provider tracks & bills its customer base for any traffic originated on its network, but ended at another network provider; retaining all revenues generated from it.
BMV Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, S.A.B. de C.V.; Mexican Stock Exchange.
Capacity Refers to the ability to transmit voice or data over a telecommunication network.
CETES “Certificados de la Tesorería de la Federación”.
Circular Única The general provisions applicable to all securities issuers, published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación on March 19th, 2003.
Client Disconnection Rate Customer line attrition, measured as the percentage of disconnects from service relative to the total subscriber base over a given period of time, also known as “Churn”.
CNBV “Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores”, Mexican banking watchdog, similar to the SEC, in the United States.
COFETEL “Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones”, a Mexican telecommunications watchdog. In 2013, it was replaced by the IFT, “Instituto Federal de Telecommunications.”
CPE Customer Premises Equipment, the equipment that is physically located with the clients.
CPOs Ordinary Participation Certificates, not amortizable, and each one representative of 3 (three) series “A” shares; issued by the trustee under the trust contract agreement.
CPOs Inception Act The act, dated October 18th, 2007, in which the issuance of CPOs is stated.
CPOs Trust Trust No 80256 held on October 17th, 2007, between the Company, as a Trustor, and Nafin (“Nacional Financiera”, a Mexican Development Banking Institution), as a Trustee.
Disconnection The migration of residential or commercial customers to other operators.
Digital A method for storing, processing and transmitting information through the use of distinct electronic or optical pulses that represent the binary digits 0 and 1.
Double play services, or double play Bundle of voice and data services.
DSL Digital Subscriber Line.
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer. A technology that concentrates traffic in ADSL implementations.
E1 A digital telephony format that carries data at a speed of 2.048 Mbps (DS-1 level)
Emisnet “Sistema Electrónico de Envío y Difusión de Información” of the BMV.
Fixed wireless local loop A wireless local telephony service using a 3.4-3.7 GHz frequency band
FTTH Fiber to the Home, reference to an all fiber-optic telephone network design, where broadband services are delivered by fiber optic cable.
Gbps Means Gigabits per second. A measurement of speed for digital signal transmission expressed in billions of bits per second (Gbps).
Hertz The unit measuring the frequency with which an alternating electromagnetic signal cycles / alternates through a zero value state, between the lowest and highest states.
IFT “Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones”.
IMCP “Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos, A.C.”.
Indeval “S.D. Indeval, Institución para el Depósito de Valores”, institution for securities custody.
INEGI “Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía”.
Internet The worldwide network of information services, through which servers and protocols connects computers and other smart devices.
Internet Protocol (IP) Protocol not oriented to connections. Used by its originator and final destination, through a switched network.
Kbps Kilobits per second, a measurement of speed for digital signal transmission expressed in thousands of bits per second.
LAN Local Area Network, a private data communications network linking a variety of data devices.
LMV “Ley del Mercado de Valores”, i.e. Mexican stock market Law.
Maxcom or “Company” Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, S.A.B. de C.V.
Mbps Mega Bits per second, a measurement of speed for digital signal transmission expressed in millions of bits per second (Mbps).
Mexico Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
Microwave Technology Although limited in capacity compared with fiber optic systems, digital microwave systems offer an effective and reliable means of transmitting voice, data and video signals in a lower volume and bandwidth.
Multiline search A value-added service that allows one to receive multiple calls on a single telephone line.
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator. A MVNO provides mobile services to its customers without having a distribution spectrum.
NIF “Normas de Información Financiera” (Financial Reporting Standards) issued by the Consejo Mexicano para la Investigación y Desarrollo de Normas de Información Financiera, A.C. (CINIF).
NIIF “Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera”; English acronym IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
Optical Fiber Technology Fiber-optic systems that utilize light generated by lasers to transmit voice, data and video into a digital format, through the use of ultra-thin glass fibers.
Packet Cable Link Protocol between hybrid coaxial fiber nertworks, switched public telephone networks, and IP networks.
PCS Personal Communications Services. PCS has come to represent two things: (a) a digital wireless communications service operating over the 1.9 GHz band; and (b) more generically, a wireless communications service utilizing a digital network that offers typical features such as voice, video and data.
Point-to-point Microwave Transmission A transmission using microwave technology, by which a signal goes from one point to another, usually connected by a dedicated transmission line.
POTS Plain Old Telephone Services. The basic service supplying standard single-line telephones, telephone lines and access to the public switched network.
Ps, Peso or Pesos Mexican legal currency.
PYMES “Pequeñas y medianas empresas” (Small and Medium sized Enterprises, SMEs) in Mexico.
Quadruple play services, or quadruple play Bundle of voice, data, video and mobile services.
RDSI “Red Digital de Servicios Integrados” (ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network) is an international standard that provides digital end-to-end connectivity to support a wide range of voice, data and video services.
Regulatory Convergence Convergence agreements between local fixed telephony services, TV and / or restricted audio.
Revenue Generating Unit (RGU) An individual service subscriber who generates recurring revenue for Maxcom.
RNV “Registro Nacional de Valores”.
SCT “Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes” (Ministry of Communications and Transport), in Mexico.
Switch A device that opens or closes circuits or selects the paths or circuits to be used for transmission of information.
Teledensity A measure of telephony service in a population, calculated by dividing the total subscriber base (number of lines in service) by the number of inhabitants, and then multiplying by 100.
TIIE “Tasa de Interés Interbancaria de Equilibrio” (Interbank Rate).
Triple play services, or triple play Bundle of voice, data and video services.
Trustee or “Nafin” Nacional Financiera, S.N.C., which acts as trustee of the CPOs Trust through its Trustee Department.
United States United States of America.
US$, Dollar or Dollars Legal currency of the United States of America.
VOD Video On Demand.
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol, or voice over IP, are technologies used to carry normal telephony-style voice over the internet with an Internet Protocol (IP).
VPN Virtual Private Network. A network design offering the appearance and functionality of a dedicated private network.
xDSL A physical-layer protocol that supports bandwidth both downstream and upstream.


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