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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Maxcom's activity?

Maxcom is an integrated telecommunications service provider that was founded in 1996 and started its commercial operations in May, 1999. The Company provides “last mile” connectivity to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to residential customers in Mexico.

2. What products / services does Maxcom provide?

Maxcom’s main products and services include:

Residential Segment:

Fixed telephony, internet and mobile telephony (through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator – MVNO).

Commercial Segment:
  • Telephony: analog and digital trunk lines, FlashMax (Integrated Services Digital Network – ISDN) and 800 numbers, both national and international.
  • Data services: dedicated internet, clean pipe, IPV6 and advanced solutions.
  • Private links: converged IP Network, Max link and Carrier Ethernet.
  • Other: hosted IP PBX, SMS messaging, blaster, audio conferencing, Microsoft Suite, administered PBX, data bonding, Business Continuity Center, data center, PenTest and maxSecurity.
Wholesale Segment:

Termination of international long-distance calls, interconnection and frequency leasing.

3. Which business segments does Maxcom serve?

The Company has three business divisions:

a) Residential: mainly “C-“ and “D” segments of the population and micro-enterprises.
b) Commercial: medium to large-sized businesses and government.
c) Wholesale: other telecommunications operators.

4. In which markets is Maxcom present?

Maxcom provides services mainly in Mexico City and the metropolitan area, and in Puebla, Tehuacán, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí and Toluca.

5. What does Maxcom’s infrastructure consist of?

Maxcom has 7,659 km of optic fiber with two entry points to the United States (Laredo and McAllen) and 4,859 km of copper in five cities. The company has a presence in 73 cities and has local interconnection with Telmex (nodes) in 23 metropolitan areas.

Note: figures as of 4Q19.

6. What concessions does maxcom have?

Maxcom has the following concessions:

a) Nationwide point-to-point frequencies of 15 GHz and 23 GHz.
b) Regional point-to-multipoint frequency of 10.5 GHz.

7. Where are Maxcom’s headquarters situated?

Maxcom’s corporate offices are located at:

Guillermo González Camarena 2000
Col. Santa Fe Centro Ciudad, Delegación Álvaro Obregón
Mexico City, 01376.

8. Where are Maxcom’s securities listed?

Maxcom’s Ordinary Participation Certificates (CPOs) are listed on the Mexican Stock Market (Ticker: Maxcom CPO and ISIN: MX01MA020012) and on New York’s OTC market as a Level 1 ADR (Ticker: MXMTY and ISIN: US57773A5083).

The Step-up Senior Notes 2020 are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and are traded in the Euro MTF market (ISIN: US57773AAL61).

9. What is the ratio of Series “A” Class II shares, to CPOs?

3 Series “A” Class II shares, (variable capital stock), represent 1 CPO.

10. What is the ratio of CPOs to ADRs?

7 CPOs represents 1 ADR.

11. What are the characteristics of Maxcom’s shares?

All Maxcom’s shares are ordinary, nominative and without par value, and all have full voting rights.

12. Where can I find Maxcom’s historic CPO price data and real-time CPO price information?

Historic and real-time information on the company's CPO price is available in the “Stock Quote” section under the “Stock Information” menu. or in financial web sites like Bloomber, Yahoo finance and Emerging Exchange.


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